Gemuruh Jiwa @ SERATA 2016

Suasana yang amat mengujakan berlangsung di sekolah raja perempuan taayah ipoh pada 23 dan 24 /july 2016. 
Persis86 dengan kerjasama penaja2 telah berjaya melangsungkan program mind set change buat adik2 dari sekolah izzudin shah ipoh dan juga raja perempuan taayah.

Semoga kalian berjaya dunia dan akhirat insyaAllah.

Memory remain in our heart. 

After so long journey through our life, its time for us to get together. We met at the time we had nothing, after sometimes we met again with everybody carrying their own title and life. But it won't make us apart.

Even we cant meet all the friends that came to our life while in the school, the sweet times still remain in our soul. And we brought the goodness of life to our next generation with style.

Hope to see you again in the next chapter.

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