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Hadiths are teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and narrated through the Companions and successors of the Companions. Hadiths are an indispensable and unrivalled source of understanding of the Quran and act as a guidepost in matters of Islamic jurisprudence. Combined with the teachings of the Quran, Hadiths complete our syllabus in practicing Islam.

Hadith of the Day presents to you carefully selected Hadiths on issues and matters that are paramount to an Islamic way of life, as Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had intended for these pearls of wisdom to guide us. Insha'Allah you will find them just as inspiring and enlightening as they have been for me in strengthening my faith and guiding me, drawing me closer to Allah in every step.

Credit to OMAR of Hadith Of The Day (HOTD).
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