Chef wan ikon felda! Takder orang lain ker?

Mohamed Azmin Ali today defended Felda settlers who were branded “lazy” and “breeding like cats” by celebrity chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, popularly known as Chef Wan.

“Never mind, it was his (Chef Wan’s) personal view. What is important right now is as the government, we have tabled a new policy in Parliament for Felda settlers.

Chef Wan, who was presented with the Felda Icon award during the Settlers’ Day 2019 celebration in Rompin on Sunday, took to Instagram to tick off “lazy” Felda settlers who refused to help themselves and waited for government help.

In comparison, he said, many Felda settlers sold off subsidised fertiliser given to them by the government, and when they received dividends, they married two or three times and “breed like cats”.

So how about you? Are you lazy and breed like cat? hihihii


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