Can you teach me how to swim.


Are you ok my dear friends?
For now, it already 10 years i am doing my own business either online or offline. 10 years in the business is not easy as i think before. Started my business by using loan from bank was a wrong decision that i made. The first 12 months of my business, i was servicing my loan on time. After that, the thing went wrong and i couldnt pay any single cent until now.

The business that i ventured, was good on the paper. The business was known as frachising and i was really excited to give my 100% comittment on running the shop. Franchising actually is good to startup for new people like me. Everything is preapred by the franchisor, you as a businessman just pay the fees for them to setup your everything for you to run the show. 

After 5 years on the road, i decided to close the shop after suffering so much from the slow business income. It was not an easy to giving up after so much energy i put on the business. But , to stay more longer need more loan to survive. Means more burden to my head to carry with.

Now , I cant think on how i should do now. I keep trying sell anything without any focus on any products. The business cant even cover it own overhead, not mention for me that running the show.

Every day is a cost for me to pay and every day is a pressure for me to face it. My kids keep on growing interm of age number, and it need more money for everything like foods,schooling and everything.

Applying for job vacancies was not as easy as before. Since my age and my finacial background, most of the companies not so interested of hiring myself. I am not competitive enough to fill up the position that offered by them.

Now, with some sort of creativity that given by Allah, i keep on uploading my videos to my youtube channel with patient. Some of my videos really performing well and create extra income for me through it. Sad news that, before hari raya 2019, youtube already disable my channel from monitize. 

Seems that, the way I choose, isnt right for me from day one in the business till now on.
My head really stucked and cant move on, on how should i do and what i shouldn do.

For the readers here, please give some sort of advise and also motivation for me to think of. If you all have an idea and also any oppurtunity for me to get with, please dont hesitate to give me a chance to change my life.

If you feel down now, please pray to Allah to strengten your spirit. Dont hang your self !


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